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Scanfour Oy - Privacy Policy

Scanfour Oy's Customer Register Description & Privacy Policy

1. The controller

Scanfour Oy (business ID: 2297072-9)
Visiting address: Sähkötie 1, 01510 VANTAA
Postal address: Tinnonmäentie 139, 36640 ILTASMÄKI
Phone: 09 3487 3508

2. Person responsible for registration matters

Jani Jokinen
c / o Scanfour Oy
[email protected]

3. Name of the register

Scanfour Oy / Electrobike register based on customer relationships and business connections

4. Purpose of the register

Personal data is processed for customer and business relationship management, delivery and invoicing, verification of customer transactions, implementation of parties' rights and obligations, development and analysis of the controller's functions, customer communication, profiling, implementation and personalization of services, marketing and advertising (including prevention and research, and business planning and development. In addition, the data may be processed on the basis of and in accordance with the consent of the data subject. The personal data contained in the register may, as permitted by applicable law, be used with permission and prohibition for direct advertising, distance selling or other direct marketing, opinion or market research and other similar addresses by the controller and its affiliates and partners selected by the controller. The data may be processed with the data controller in companies belonging to the same group in each case in accordance with the Personal Data Act.

5. Information contained in the register

The register may process, inter alia, information belonging to the following categories which is necessary for the purpose of the use of the register.

Basic information such as:

  • first and last names
  • contact information (such as addresses, phone numbers, email addresses)
  • name and contact details of the employer
  • Country of residence
  • title
  • marital status
  • date of birth
  • sexual
  • language
  • level of earnings

    Customer and other relevant information, such as:
  • the start and end dates of the material connection
  • information related to the use of the services (eg customer number, usernames and passwords, nickname) and identification of electronic communications
  • information on purchases made as an identified customer (eg purchases in the online store) and the various stages and events of the purchasing process
  • the payment method chosen and the identification of the means of payment
  • bank contact information
  • personal identity number of customers in a credit relationship or comparable relationship who purchase paid products / services
  • use of free services (eg newsletters)
  • and other benefits and campaigns targeted at the registrant (including information related to the registrar's partner campaigns, such as the registrant's customer number on the partner's systems)
  • billing and collection information
  • interests and other information provided by the data subject himself
  • customer and other relevant communication and communication in various channels and media (eg complaints and other feedback as well as recordings of customer service calls)
  • direct marketing authorizations and prohibitions and information on marketing targeting
  • the name or nickname of the person who recommended the service
  • material produced by or concerning the data subject (eg material and communication produced on social media related to the data controller)
  • information on notices published by the data subject
  • information provided by the job search service related to the CV and job search
  • event and user analysis data
  • location information
  • other information collected and derived from the use of the service, such as behavioral information based on information collected through cookies, among other things
  • information related to the device used by the person, such as terminal, IP address, operating system
  • membership of a trade union or other similar union

    Other information collected with the customer's consent Company information, such as:
  • company
  • position in the workplace
  • task area in the company
  • company industry
  • the company's street address, postal code and location
  • phone number or cell phone number for work
  • work email address
  • work email address

And all changes made on the information listed above.

6. Regular sources of information

Personal data is collected from the data subject himself or on his behalf by the party who made the group order by telephone, post, e-mail or similar, as well as from the registrar's systems when registering and using the services using cookies and other similar technologies. In addition, personal data may be collected, inter alia, from social media related to the activities of the controller, where information about the registered person is available. Personal data may be collected and updated from the registries and the registers of the companies belonging to the same group, the population information system, credit data registers, registers maintained by ASML Finnish Customer Marketing Association and other similar public or private registers providing information services. Information on belonging to a specific trade union or group can be obtained from an external partner. If the customer has registered in the web service or mobile application of the registrar or a company belonging to the same group as the registrar, the so-called the observed information may be combined with personal information received from the customer in other contexts.

7. Disclosure and Transfer of Information

The controller may disclose the information, within the limits permitted and required by applicable law, to partners selected by the controller, inter alia, for marketing purposes, unless the data subject has refused such disclosure. The current partners of the event and training services regularly receive information about the persons who participated in the event or training. If the controller has contractually agreed not to disclose the data outside the service, the terms of the contract shall prevail. Under no circumstances will the information of users of the following services be disclosed outside that service: Lawyer Register, State Calendar and Dictionary Services. The registrar may provide the data subject's personal data to the direct marketing registers of the registrar and companies belonging to the same group as the registrant after the material connection has ended. The data will not be regularly transferred outside the European Union or the European Economic Area unless it is necessary for the technical implementation of the service or for other justified reasons. In this case, the controller shall ensure an adequate level of data protection through contractual arrangements as required by law.

8. Registry protection

The databases in which the registry information is stored are protected by firewalls, passwords, and other technical means. Databases and their backups are located in locked spaces. Manually processed documents containing data of data subjects shall be kept in locked premises in such a way that unauthorized persons are prevented from accessing them. The controller shall ensure that only those employees of the controller and employees of companies acting on behalf of the controller have access to the information necessary for the performance of their duties,

9. Right of inspection, prohibition and correction

The data subject has the right to check what information about him or her has been stored in the register. The request for inspection must be sent in writing and signed to the person responsible for registration matters. The request for verification may also be made in person at the controller's office at the above address. An inspection request can be made free of charge once a year. Requests for inspections shall be answered no later than three months after the request. Registrants have the right to prohibit the use of their data for direct mail, distance selling or other direct marketing, as well as opinion and market research, and the right to demand the correction of incorrect information by contacting the person responsible for registration or notifying the registrar's customer service (tel. 09 3487 3508). The registrant can block or delete cookies using browser settings. For more information on cookies and other data protection issues, please register at: [email protected]