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Returns & Refunds

14 Day Return Policy

You have a legal 14-day right of exchange and return for the products you purchase from the online store.

The products can be returned either with Matkahuolto's or Posti's free customer return service or you can bring the products directly to our stores. Electrobike is responsible for the return costs when the return has been made in accordance with the instructions through Posti or Matkahuolto's customer return service. You must contact our customer service in advance, before returning. ([email protected])

You have the right to inspect the product and use it for 14 days. We recommend that you take care of the product and the accessories, instructions and, of course, the product packaging that come with it until you have decided to keep the product.

The buyer is legally liable for impairment if they have used the product. We ask that you keep all customer return documents carefully until you are notified that you have received the refund.

Restrictions on the right of return are determined in accordance with Chapter 6, Section 16 of the Consumer Protection Act of Finland: Sealed products have no right of return once the product packaging has been opened. Hygiene products do not have a right of return after opening the package, as the product is not returnable for sale due to its nature. Hygiene products include helmets, knee pads, elbow pads, headphones and cycling goggles, and other similar products.

In accordance with the Consumer Protection Act, service products or digital content do not have the right of withdrawal if the service has been completed or the delivery of digital content has started electronically after you have given your consent to start delivery and if the right of withdrawal has been announced in advance. Returned products must be carefully packaged.

Bicycles and large products

Returns of bicycles and oversized products will be collected from the customer's home address as agreed, to reduce unnecessary hassle. Contact our customer service in writing and we'll sort the return process together with you.

How do I deal with warranty issues?

In warranty related matters, the easiest way is to contact our customer service or visit our store. With our staff, you can agree on a suitable way for you to handle return and warranty issues. If the product is to be returned, we will of course send you the necessary return labels free of charge.

The warranty is determined in accordance with the warranty conditions specified by the manufacturer. You are obliged to read the warranty conditions supplied with the product before using the product. Warranty conditions can be found in the operating instructions, a separate warranty form or the web address provided by the manufacturer. As a rule, the warranty only covers manufacturing and material defects in the product. The warranty period is specified in the product information.

Warranty repairs are always carried out in accordance with the manufacturer's or importer's warranty conditions. We instruct you to contact the nearest Electrobike store directly, as this will speed up service and is therefore in your best interest.

The service time estimate is about 10-15 business days. Some of the products sold at Electrobike have to be delivered abroad for service, because there is no service authorized by the manufacturer in Finland. In this case, the estimated maintenance time estimate is about 10-20 business days.

The cost of an unjustified service visit will be charged in full from you, if the product has been delivered for unjustified warranty service. Electrobike is not liable for damages caused by the actions of the buyer. Any maintenance company's costs and costs incurred by Electrobike will be charged as unauthorized maintenance.

Our service will keep the products for three (3) months after the customer has been notified of the completion of the service / work. The product is then recycled or sold. (Finnish law on the right of a trader to sell an item that is not picked up.)

Electrobike is liable for the products' statutory liability for defects when the product warranty has expired or no warranty has been issued. For more information about this, contact us: [email protected]

If necessary, Electrobike Service will provide additional instructions for recycling your products.

Physical opening of the product to modify the device will void the warranty and the seller's liability unless otherwise stated. The expiration of the warranty also applies to the physical (digital) tuning of electric bicycles or systems, for example, bypassing speed limits with software changes or engine tuning components.

I need help with a technical problem

For technical questions, you can get help from our customer service experts. You can call us 09 34873508, send an e-mail to [email protected] or visit our stores directly.